A Woman’s Thoughts on Self-Development, Fitness, Society, and Modern Culture.

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  • The “Online Guru” Epidemic

    You’ve seen it, I’ve seen it, we’ve all seen it: the countless Instagram or Twitter profiles that preach their ways of living and “hacks” as if they are long lost messages from God. They all have a workout routine, nutrition plan, way to make money or even just a way of living that is obviously […]

  • The Blame Game of American Politics

    Many Americans know, without a doubt, the political party that they will die for. No matter how flawed or hypocritical, or how painfully obvious it is to see the money-grab talking points each politician makes. There are some amazing opinions and societal views that come from the conservative side, as well as the liberal side. […]

  • Therapists & Pills vs. Mindset & Lifestyle.

    My form of therapy before: Multiple therapists, random diagnoses, prescribed medications, trips to my primary physician to figure out what’s “wrong” with me. I was absolutely miserable. Every professional kept telling me something was wrong with my brain chemistry, and I needed to take this pill or that pill to fix it. I did it […]

Who I Am

My name is Fallon, and I am a woman residing in the state of NY. I enjoy writing, hiking, lifting, cooking, and spreading warmth into this world. I wrote my thoughts in secrecy for years, but it was time to introduce myself to the world. Here to deliver simple solutions to complex problems.

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