We’re Meant to be Hunting Wild Beasts & Growing Gardens – Not Staring at Screens & Climbing Corporate Ladders

Do I really need to elaborate on this title?

Society is so far advanced, yet in some ways, so far…gone. With the advancement of technology intended to make our lives easier and more productive, it has also made us complacent and lazy. And, it has made us collectively cherish and chase the wrong things.

Do me a favor – go out and meet five random people and ask them to tell you, truthfully, what their day-to-day schedules look like. I can almost guarantee you that it looks something like this: wake up, check phone, scroll, answer emails, answer texts, start work, take break, end work, come home, watch tv, play on phone, go to bed, repeat.

What about time outside? “Nah, don’t have time for that. I have clients to cater to.”

What about a hunting trip? “Let me check when I can take off of work next.”

Meet a new person in real life? “It’s more fun scrolling on social media.”

Grow a garden? “Our HOA doesn’t allow for that.”

Meditate naked by a waterfall? “I run five businesses, who cares about that silly hippie stuff.”

So much has been taken away from us in the name of “progress.”

Let it be known that my point isn’t, “fuck all progress, let’s get transported back to the 14th century.” There are huge advantages to what society has created today that has helped us tremendously: efficient transportation, brain surgeons who can save your child from certain death, and not having to worry about getting mauled by an animal every day, just to name a few.

But we’ve lost touch. We’ve forgotten where we came from. We’re consumed with our monthly payments and fancy job titles and have no care in the world about how to grow our own food or hike up to the highest peak of a mountain.

Even with being self-employed or an entrepreneur, you’re not exempt from this. You may have the freedom to create more of an actual life for yourself, but you’re still bound by societies’ rules: You adhere to government laws, pay for insurances, and cater to clients. You’re still bound by the dollar, even if not a traditional “wage.” We all are.

We’re too domesticated. We are enslaved beings craving for adventure, and we’ve pushed those feelings down into a dark hole and covered it up with Instagram Likes and Excel Sheets.

So, what do we do?

We make the absolute best of it, that’s what. It doesn’t matter what you do, how much you make or where you live. There are hundreds of opportunities around you to get connected to nature and to your community. Here’s a few places to start:

Go for a walk in the woods and leave your phone in the car.

Get reconnected to nature. It’s fun to take pictures and videos, but challenge yourself to leave your phone in the car every now and then. Really get lost in the sights and sounds of what’s around you.

Go camping with friends (NO “GLAMPING!”)

You don’t need a heated tent with temperature control and WiFi. You just need a fire, food, supplies, tools, and good company. Some of my best camping experiences were the ones where I was completely cut off from the outside world, and sleeping on a thin mat with a single blanket.

Start a community garden – be the leader of the operation.

You’d be surprised on the opportunities for these. Talk with your town, HOA, whoever you need to talk to – and get a garden going. Get your friends and neighbors involved. Lead them on the path.

Visit a Fish & Game club, talk to others about your interest in learning how to provide.

Clubs such as these are where I’ve met fishermen and hunters, and if you are kind and respectful, people may be willing to share stories with you. You can learn a tremendous amount from those who are in the shoes you are trying to grow into.

Meditate outside, barefoot.

Grounding has a significant amount of positive benefits to your mental and physical health. You can look it up and read the studies on it. So does meditation. Practice the art of clearing your mind and getting rooted to the earth.

Take a whole day off of work – answer zero emails, calls or texts.

Many of us claim we can’t afford to take a day off work, but is that true? Will the world really fall apart tomorrow if you take just one day to yourself, leave your phone on silent, and go on a hike with your family? Give yourself the chance to remember what’s important to you.

Make do with the hand we have been given and get reconnected with the simple pursuits of life. Just because we live in an advanced, ever-changing society, it doesn’t mean we must forget the little things. Planting, hunting, fishing, hiking, mindfulness and outdoor adventure can be a part of every human’s life, even if it’s only a tiny part. Less is better than none, so get out there and figure out ways that you can get reconnected to your true self.

Stay rooted, my friends.

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