Sobriety from alcohol is changing me – for the better

I used to be a social drinker. Scratch that – I used to be an excessive drinker. I drank for any and every occasion I could rationalize. Closed a deal? Get a drink. It’s the weekend? Let’s grab a beer. I’m feeling a bit stressed? Nothing a beer can’t fix. It wasn’t just the frequency of the drinking that was an issue, but the amount. I had an extremely difficult time being a “one and done” type of person. One beer, usually meant 5 more were to follow.

I slowed down on my drinking frequency about a year ago. I stopped drinking entirely and went completely sober 49 days ago. There are a few things I have noticed about myself that has changed, and I’ve realized that for some people, if not almost all, alcohol is a huge waste of time and a massive distraction.

Productivity is through the roof

I am able to accomplish so much more on a given day. I wake up early, structure my day, and don’t feel mentally or physically fatigued. Instead of celebrating an accomplishment with drinking, I celebrate with healthier means like a good conversation or a nice hike. Then guess what? I’m not hungover, so I wake up fresh and bright to tackle the next day. Even when I would have just one or two drinks, I’d wake up the next day brain fogged. A bit slower on tasks, and a bit mentally down. Which leads to my next point…

Feelings of genuine happiness

I am happier, truly. I find myself in a more positive mood and able to handle stress easier. Simple activities such as sitting in the sun by a tree, reading a book of mine brings me immense joy now. Just laying out there, getting lost in the pages. The only place I was getting lost before was in a bar with a beer in my hand. When I drank often, it was hard for me to feel enticed if I wasn’t drinking or instead doing something mind numbing, like binge watching tv. You wouldn’t catch me reading a book or taking a walk and enjoying it back then. It’s almost as if the little things are starting to become noticeably enjoyable again, and I can finally feel them deeply.

Social outings have become…better?

Trust me, this one shocked me as well. I was incredibly nervous to attend a happy hour event where everyone would be drinking except for me. I almost didn’t go, in fear I would either a) cave in and have a drink or b) not be able to have any fun whatsoever. Let me tell you that I ended up having more fun at this simple happy hour than majority of social drinking events I attended before. It wasn’t because it was some wild night with a plethora of activities going on, but rather I was fully coherent and able to feel myself having genuine fun, not drunk fun. I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced this in the same way, but genuine fun and drunk fun feel incredibly different. One is pure and sharp, with clear memories and connections throughout the night. The other is sloppy and almost illusionary, with your mind running in an unnatural state. It’s a drug, after all. Not to mention, coming home sober and waking up without a hangover, was a type of powerful bliss I never knew I could feel.

My physical body is improving

Drinking leads to binge eating, or simply not eating at all and instead continuously throwing back beers. That’s no good for your body and muscles. At just 49 days without alcohol, I am noticing significant muscle definition in my body that I never noticed before. I don’t just look stronger, but I feel stronger, too. My progress in the gym is improving exponentially. Im not staying stagnant on weight anymore, and my form is even improving. Cutting out alcohol has given my body a chance to start developing to its full potential.

The decision to go sober isn’t just for those who struggle with addiction, it’s also for those who simply want to improve their mind & body. It can be forever, or it can be for a set period of time. A solid break can do every human some good in this world. If you, reader, have any personal stories you’re willing to share, big or small, I’d love to listen. Feel free to leave me a comment or message.

Take care, my friends.

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  1. Congratulations on 49 days!! That’s a huge accomplishment and doesn’t it feel great. Clear headed is an understatement. It truly is just a great way to get a clear mind and body and soul. The things we can put our mind towards when they are clear and not Fogged up and in a haze it nothing short but amazing. Following your journey keep going lady!!!

    • Thank you so much! Yes, tremendously better in body and mind. I’m glad I took the step to stop because things have been much better in life since. ❤️

      • Yes. Ever since I have gotten myself healthy life is so much more beautiful now. I see the beauty in everything and respect people deserving of respect lol and just enjoy life so much more. And no hangovers is always a plus!!!

      • Oh absolutely! No hangovers has been such a good bonus lol. Made me realize I’ve wasted sooo many days. Each day has a lot more purpose now.

      • Has but don’t harp on those “days wasted” just keep pushing forward. The what ifs are dangerous and staying is the past is . Just my experience. I’ve been battling with my addiction for years but with lots of help and soul searching have found what works for me. Don’t hesitate to reach out when u wanna scream and or drink obvy. Lol. Always good to have a friend. Especially someone who doesn’t know the “crazy me” as I always say. If that makes any sense at all. I ramble lol

      • Thank you for sharing with me! Very true, dwelling on the past is no place to be. Im all about looking forward. And I agree, I feel you 100%, always here if you want to talk about anything as well for anything 🤝🏼 having support is good for the soul!

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