Simple Training Plan: Strength, Hypertrophy, and Endurance.


The goal of this program is to get you introduced to a well-rounded fitness training routine. If you are already an advanced lifter who competes in specific competitions, this will probably be too generic for you. But for any seasoned beginners, intermediates, and anyone looking to follow an outlined plan to stop guessing on all your workouts – this is for you. If you do the work and push yourself on every set and rep, results are practically guaranteed. You will build muscle, become stronger, and have greater endurance in the coming weeks.

What to expect:

There will be 4 days of lifting and 1 day of a strength & conditioning circuit/metcon. Walking and sprinting is also incorporated in the plan. While strength & muscle building is the main focus, aerobic endurance is also included for a well-rounded approach.


This program has workouts for 1 whole week. You can run it over and over again for as many weeks as you please – you just need to increase your weight when the exercises become too easy. For example, if you are doing 4×5 for Deadlift, and you notice you are getting the 5th rep up easily each time, it’s time to increase the weight. For main lifts (Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and lifts with rep ranges at or below 8), you want to choose a weight that is difficult on your last rep – about 1 rep shy of failure. For exercises with higher rep ranges (10-12), I want you to focus more on slowing your reps down and really feeling your muscles contract. Don’t just “hammer” through the set mindlessly – feel it deeply.

My suggestion: Run this program for 5 weeks and increase your weight slightly on the big lifts each week. After those 5 weeks, if you like the program and want to continue running it, go for it! If you like it but need more of a challenge or need specific areas addressed for your goals, reach out to me on Instagram @fallond.lifts and we can talk further about personalized training.

Now, let’s get you STRONG!

Day 1

Bench Press 4×5

DB Chest Fly 3×12

Seated DB Shoulder Press 3×12

Superset: DB Bicep Curls & DB Tricep Extension 3×12

DB Farmer’s Walk 4×40 yards

Walk for 30 Min.

Day 2

Back Squat 4×5

Barbell Row 3×8

Pull Up (use assistance or weight as needed) 3×8

RDL 3×12

DB Forward Lunges 3×12

Day 3


Day 4

Deadlift 4×5

Seated Wide Grip Cable Row 3×12

DB Split Squat 3×12

DB Farmers Walk 4×40 yards

Walk for 30 Min.

Day 5

Overhead Press 4×5

Incline Bench Press 3×6

1 Arm DB Row 3×12

DB Lateral Raise 3×12

Plate (or DB) Front Raise 3×12

Day 6

Start: 30 yard sprints x5

6 Rounds of (1-2 min rest between rounds):

15 Yard Heavy Farmers Walk

8 KB Swing High Pulls

8 KB Goblet Squats

8 Med Ball Slams

15 Yard Sled Push

End: 30 yard sprints x5

Day 7

Rest. Go Outside. Walk around. Touch some grass.


You can reach out to me on IG fallond.lifts with any questions at all on this simple program. Need me to explain an exercise? Reach out. Don’t know what weight is working best? Reach out. Something you need explained better? Reach out. I’m here to help.

Let’s GROW.

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